$1 Artificial Voice Box Invented by Dr Vishal Rao is Making Voice-organ Removed Cancer Patients to Speak Again

Binay Srivastava
3 min readSep 14, 2022


Yes! You heard correctly. $1 Artificial Voice Box Invented by Dr Vishal Rao is Making Voice-organ Removed Cancer Patients to Speak Again…

Please spread the word so that all needy access the machine and start speaking again…

Have you met any person who is unable to speak because his voice box has been medically removed from his throat to prevent cancer from spreading to other parts of his body?

I have. It is very painful to even look at his face.

These people need your support… to speak again. Forward and share this news. You have helped. Thank you.

There are millions of people who have throat cancer. Everywhere…in the world. It costs lives and livelihoods; it may cost your voice also.

An Indian Dr. Vishal Rao, a cancer surgeon in Bengaluru has invented a device for the people who lose their voice after their voice box is removed from the throat due to cancer. This device that weighs around 25 grams can be bought at a price of $1 as opposed to the currently available prostheses (artificial voice boxes) that cost anywhere between $200 to 400, and have to be replaced every six months.

Dr. Rao has developed this voice prosthesis device that can help patients whose voice box has been removed (to speak again and also eat properly).

The device has been named as ‘Aum’ and is made of silicone. It is used to help patients speak when the entire voice box, or larynx, has been removed. The windpipe and food pipe are separated from each other at the time of the surgery, creating an opening between the two. The device is then placed in this opening. The voice box basically vibrates with the help of air provided from the lungs. Instead of the vocal cord vibrating, the food pipe is made to vibrate with the back end of the prosthesis sitting at the food pipe.

Dr. Rao took the help of his friend Shashank Mahesh, an industrialist, to deal with the financial arrangement of the project to make it match international standards.

Due to its low cost, many throat cancer patients who could not access any expensive voice box now have hope to speak through ‘Aum’.

Dr. Rao explains what made him to go for this speech enabler voice machine in this video whose link is given below:


Dr. Rao is an oncologist and head and neck surgeon at the Bangalore-based HealthCare Global (HCG) Cancer Center.

You can contact him at Vishal Rao (@drvishalrao) / Twitter

If this emotional story motivates you into helping those unfortunates whose speaking organ has been surgically removed; to become able to speak again, please do your best by sharing this link all over the world

https://youtu.be/D8CqhbdM16I (sharing a video is 800% more effective)

with anyone you believe may be needy. Forward this video to your friend who might be knowing someone who needs speaking power back again. It costs just $1 to get the speaking machine. You will earn 100% gratitude of the person being helped.

It is a selfless service for the humankind. Please participate.



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