Freelancers and Affiliates across the World: Earn Commission and Fixed Monthly Fee

Binay Srivastava
2 min readJun 23, 2022
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Promote and Sell Career eBooks/products

Hi there,

I need multiple freelancers/affiliates that are willing to help people read my eBooks; by signing up through the link

When signing up, I will approve you as an affiliate, and every time you make someone purchase my book through your affiliate link, which you will get when signing up, you make 50% of the sales value. Then the platform deducts its service fee, and the balance comes to me.

This is a win-win opportunity for you to earn good money. Career, Business, Health and Lifestyle books are popular categories.

You can make $500 a month and you do not need to do anything but share a link on social media and among your friends and acquaintances, and write a positive note about the book, so people know what you are talking to them about; and how their today and tomorrows will start shining. Better note means better money for you

How you will promote and get sales is totally up to you.

I hope to hear from active freelancers/affiliates. If you do well, we have more products that need promotion in days to come.

Outstanding performers may also be offered a fixed monthly remuneration. Your performance decides. Your call now!

Best regards,




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