How I Sell a Pen to a Customer? You Can do Wonders…

Binay Srivastava
3 min readJan 25, 2024

(Walk up to a customer — Smiling warmly before your potential customer and say…) The one in my hand isn’t just any pen, it’s an experience. Can you imagine the magic of a pen that unleashes your inner wordsmith, the one that makes your thoughts dance on paper?

Think about it:

1. The Perfect Partner for Your Dreams: Are you a writer crafting worlds of magic? Can you visualize a student jotting down ideas that could change the world? Yes, this particular pen glides effortlessly, words flowing like liquid silver. Its ink, smooth and rich, makes every sentence sing. No more scratchy monsters or dry blots, just pure, unadulterated expression.

Example: Remember that time you had a story swirling in your head, bursting to get out? But the pen you used was like a rusty gate, having rough exterior, creaking and groaning with every stroke. Now, this pen, my dear friend, is a smooth, silent highway for your ideas. Watch them slide through the page, vibrant and alive.

2. A Confidence Booster in Disguise: Feeling nervous about that important presentation? This pen becomes your secret weapon, its sleek design and balanced weight exuding quiet authority. As you sign your name with a flourish, it’s not just liquid writing ink on display, it’s a declaration of your power.

Example: Ever had that jittery feeling before a big meeting, your hands clammy, and your voice shaky? This pen feels like an extension of your calm, collected self. Hold it, write with it, and watch your confidence soar. Suddenly, that presentation becomes a conversation, your words hitting their mark with unwavering precision.

3. A Legacy in Every Stroke: This pen isn’t just for today; it’s for tomorrow, and the day after. Its smart build and refillable ink cartridges ensure it’ll be your trusted companion for years to come, unless someone steals it. Imagine the stories it will witness, the contracts it will seal, the dreams it will help bring to life.

Example: Think about that worn-out notebook you keep tucked away, filled with childhood memories and scribbled dreams. This pen could be the one that fills the next one, chronicling your journey with the same unwavering dedication. Years from now, when you revisit those pages, you’ll feel the smooth glide of the pen, the whisper of ink on paper, and it will all come flooding back.

4. More than Just a Pen, an Investment in Yourself: Sure, it might seem like just a pen, but it’s an investment in your creativity, your confidence, your legacy. It’s a whisper that says, “Go ahead, write your story, and make your mark.”

Example: Think of it like a gym membership for your mind. This pen is your personal trainer, pushing you to reach your creative potential, one stroke at a time. With each word you write, you’re building your mental muscles, your confidence, and your voice. And that, my friend, is an investment worth making.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to unlock your potential, one word at a time? Take this pen, feel its weight in your hand, and let the magic begin to happen.

Remember, this isn’t just a pen; it’s a whisper of possibility, a promise of greatness. It’s waiting for you to write your story.

(Extend your hand with the pen towards the customer but don’t hand over, a confident smile playing on your lips.)

Final Lip Smacking Money Earning Tip: If the customer shows hesitation, offer a no-pressure trial. Let him take the pen for a spin, write a few lines, and feel the difference. The experience itself can be the most rewarding and persuasive argument.

I hope this gives you a taste of how to sell a pen with passion and persuasion. Remember, it’s not just about the product, it’s about the story you tell and the emotions you evoke that happens to be the essence of selling.

This is how you master the masterstroke of selling. Go forth and write your own sales success story!

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