How I turned around my imbalanced life (and how you can too!)…

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Hi there,

Did you wake up feeling fresh this morning?

Not me

I feel bad because I see that many people have problems with balancing their life.

Many people are so bad time master that they don’t have time to relax,

or do things they love,…

… if you feel the same, just keep in mind

that almost everyone has experienced or currently is experiencing this…

… and yes, that includes me.

Even though I created a business…

… I experienced it, and continue to experience it sometimes.

When I started my business

, I had a pretty good, corporate job as a manager,

Earning money most people would consider enough for good living.

Those were the days when my life was imbalanced because

I was working at my job and on business at the same time.

But, even though I had a successful and well-paid job…

… I was unsatisfied.

I wanted more and because of that, I was working too much.

I was putting a lot of pressure on myself

and I couldn’t handle it.

It went to the point where my life, my marriage,

and my new business

started to suffer because of my imbalance in life.

It was very hard… both for me and for my wife.

So, because of that,

I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life.

In order to balance my life, I would either need to:

Quit my job and do business; or

Give up business and keep my corporate job

So, after some time of thinking,

I decided that I should pursue my passion and I quit my job.

I thought that quitting my job would fix

the problem of imbalance in life but…

… I was wrong.

When I quit my job, I devoted 100% of myself to business.

I was building it, pouring a lot of love and attention

working 20 hours per day.

It became a successful business but…

… as a result of that, my whole life started to suffer.

My marriage was on the verge of collapse.

No sharing, no intimacy…

My health also suffered from all the hard work…

Literally, important things in my life started to suffer

because of my inability to balance my life.

I was scared…

I was scared of losing the most important things; my wife and life…

… that was going to happen if I didn’t find a solution to my problem.

So I started to devote my time and energy to finding a solution.

And after some time, I finally found it…

It helped me balance my life

and start living a happy life

where every aspect of my life became more balanced.

I found a solution to the problem that almost ruined my life.

But, I knew that wasn’t enough…

I knew that many people had the same problem I had and…

… if they don’t fix it, they’re going to disturb

Their marriage, health, wealth… .

I thought to myself…

“I have the solution to something that many people struggle with.

If I don’t share it with them, they will suffer as I did.”

So I decided to share my idea with the whole world.

And that’s how the life rebuilding idea was born.

It’s a book where I packed my experience

into living a happy, full, and balanced life.

And if you think your life aligns with my story,

I want to share the idea that saved me.

So, if you’re struggling to balance your life,

feel like your life is about to get ruined

because of your imbalance in life,

or if you just want to be happy then…

I suggest you write to me your problem.

I will give you a prompt workoing solution…

…to live a balanced life — sleep fast, wake up fresh



P.S. Have any feedback you want to share with me? Please reply and share your views with me! Your feedback is valuable.



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Binay Srivastava

I am Binay, writer, author, and editor. I am an electrical engineering graduate.,, and many newspapers have published my articles.