Is Your Website on Pages 2, 3, or even below in Google Search?

Binay Srivastava
1 min readMar 27, 2023


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If so, your business is doomed. The local population will not take you beyond city limits.

You know that feeling when your website fails to appear on page 1; NOT even on pages 2, or 3 of the search results. It sucks… the feeling of frustration…

The one who created the website had promised visibility on page 1, speed, fast upload & download, responsive, mobile-friendly, keywords; and the MOON

If this has happened to you, you’re not alone…

Owners who thought their sites were created for search results are coming to realize…

If your customers are mainly from local areas (this is the case with 95% of websites on the internet), your website needs to show in the first two pages in the search results. If not, visitors will mainly come through friends or word-of-mouth promotions. No one will waste time going on pages 3, 4, or beyond….Hoping God to push your business.

If you want to attract customers, money, and status on your website, please ask an expert to find out why very few people arrive on your site online…Experts are expensive…

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