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Economical, No Injection, Impactful Plant-based Drug

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that usually stays for life. It is known as a rich man’s disease because of total treatment cost involved. While the person looks fit, body inside is drained. More people suffer from Type 2 disease than Type 1(Type 1 is hereditary). Besides restricted regimes, diabetics have to endure the disease for the next 20, 30, 40 or more years. It is a life without fun and carefree food!

Not every fun is lost, though. This tastelessness can be lessened if the treatment is made less complicated, no injection and fewer medicines; overall less expensive

The transformational story below is built with such a vision: Maximum benefits, Minimum costs

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IINSULUX is a herb-based capsule for Diabetes Type 2 patients found by an endocrinologist Richard Coldwell.

He says his patients include many celebrities with diabetes from India, France, Germany, Great Britain and many other countries.

Richard Coldwell expresses worry that:

“As of today, metformin-based drugs are the basis of practically all treatment methods. Metformin is a path to illness and untimely death. If you come to your specialist with type 2 diabetes and he prescribes treatment based on these drugs, think again.

All of these drugs increase blood insulin to critical levels. The blood becomes thick, like condensed milk. It literally destroys the liver, kidneys and other excretory organs. Insulin is similar in action to stomach acid. Imagine what would happen if stomach acid filled your internal organs. It would burn right through them!

Insulin-rich blood becomes thick, therefore moves slowly. As a result, blood vessels become clogged with cholesterol plaques, which in turn lead to high blood pressure.

Major consequences of metformin-based drugs

1. Gastrointestinal disorders

2. Hypertension

3. Cirrhosis of the liver

4. Kidney stones

5. Oncological diseases

6. Blindness

7. Early death

If metformin kills, why is it prescribed?

Unfortunately, not many doctors today actually care if you get well or not. They prescribe whatever their superiors say. And what they’re told to prescribe are metformin-based drugs, which provide short-time relief while their sale brings good profits.

Patients do not know what consequences await them from the use of this drug, and doctors don’t tell them.

There is a beacon light.

Type II diabetes can be effectively controlled, while preventing fluctuation in blood sugar readings. Controlling fluctuations is far more important in managing diabetes.

Patients find out they have type II diabetes during a checkup. Then they are prescribed metformin in increasing dosage..

Initially, the sugar levels drop, but over time, the patient begins to complain of fatigue, obesity, high blood pressure, headaches etc.. Eyesight falls. Memory deteriorates.

The doctors say these are due to diabetes.

But in fact, it could be because of insulin or you may say, metformin,.

The internal organs of diabetics look just like candied cherries. The liver, stomach, kidneys, heart, and most importantly the blood vessels badly affected.

The deterioration of blood supply leads to development of chronic diseases talked above.

How diabetes kills:

1. Poor eyesight

2. Kidneys get damaged

3. Joints stop moving

4. Nervous system breaks down

5. Skin begins to rot!

If metformin is a disaster, how do we treat diabetes?

You are at the right place at the right time.

Herb-based INSULUX is a NATURAL ANTI-DIABETIC COMPLEX The drug contains all the vitamins, macro and microelements necessary for diabetics. INSULUX contains 28 herbal extracts collected from different parts of the world.

A study reports that total recovery from diabetes type 2 increased to 96%. This means that 96 out of 100 people say goodbye to their condition. Their sugar no longer fluctuates.

Frankly, the treatment with INSULUX is not fast, but it is thorough. It takes several months. It may take six.

You need to be prepared for long-term treatment. But after treatment, you no longer need to take any drugs, and you can live a normal healthy life, like the one you lived before diabetes.

1. INSULUX helps everyone

You take INSULUX for 2 weeks, then take a break for 4–5 days and repeat.

2. Makes blood vessels elastic

INSULUX not only removes sugar from the blood. It also dissolves sugar, which has already penetrated the walls of blood vessels, helping it regain the ability to narrow and stretch.

3. Balances glucose levels

INSULUX does not raise insulin levels, it reduces insulin resistance. It penetrates into the cells of muscles, fat and liver and stimulates them in such a way that they begin to better respond to the presence of the hormone in the bloodstream. Over time, the cells begin to consume glucose more actively.

4. Melts unwanted fat!

Excess weight aggravates diabetic by 4–5 times. INSULUX has a weight loss effect on the body. The cells begin to convert sugar into energy.

5. Regain potency

Many diabetics are impotent. INSULUX helps improve testosterone production and restores potency. Even at 50, 60 years, men regain the ability to have sex.

6. Improved skin, bones and muscles

Even heavily damaged skin regains normal tightness and it no longer dries out. The same thing happens to the bones and muscles also become elastic.

And many more benefits.

I hope the drug INSULUX pulls you out of the Diabetes group and helps you lead an enjoyable life.

You can download the INSULUX therapy details at

You are free to pay as you please.



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