What You Will Gain From The Book “Secret of Sales Through Storytelling”?

Binay Srivastava
2 min readFeb 1, 2024

…For Repeat Business

You Will Learn:

1. The difference between an average salesperson and a superstar salesperson

2. How to identify the true needs of your client and then match these with what you are selling

3. Learn how to overcome objections and excuses in an influential manner

4. Learn how to build up credibility with your prospect

5. Learn how to elicit your prospects needs and desires

6. Polish your questioning and listening skills

7. Learn how to use body language, gestures and non-verbal communication to your advantage

8. How to influence your client without their knowledge

9. Learn how to understand the motivations of your buyers

10. Learn how to get to that “YES” and close the sale

11. Learn how to build rapport with your prospects

12. Learn how to make that positive first impression

Who Will Benefit From This Book?

1. New salespeople

2. Field salespeople

3. Business to business salespeople

4. Salespeople who have had no formal training on the subject before

5. Salespeople who need a refresher and need to get “back to basics”

6. Client relationship managers

7. Business development managers

8. Commercial managers

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